Saturday, February 14, 2015

After a month stopage building has started again

Well, when building a house, always add extra room for walls, as the dimensions that you are seeing on the plans are outside walls, not inside.

We decided after the basement walls where poured that we needed more room.  We stopped building with the tresses in the driveway ready to be put up.

What did we do?  Well the great people at 3 pillars let us stop and added a room over the garage as a guest suite.  This give us an additional 471 sq feet of finished space and 184 sq ft of unfinished sq ft

Jan 21: view out living room

Jan 21: view from front door into the living room
Feb 14, 15: Kids shoveling the house

Feb 14, 15: trusses up
Feb 14,15: our house
Feb 14, 15: view from our screened in porch

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