Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday TODO's

So far today, I've waked the dog for the hour, 3 miles at 17 min/mile at the dog park. I emptied the hot tub (for the record, start at 9:30, and it was emptied and filled by noon) Used the wet dry vac to remove the excess water at the bottom of the tub. Emptied the hot water heater. Wow what a morning. :) it's only noon. This afternoon, I either have to mow the law or work on the bathroom.

I think I will work on the bathroom, because it looks like rain. :)

Well, Guess I choose a little of both. I screwed in the tub surround took a little nap and then started mowing the law. :) I think I will try to find another track after I'm done mowing, to calibrate my nano Nike +